Assumptions: The Mother of All Failures

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Jumping the gun? Yes, we all do it. To make you feel better, everyone in the world does it, but where does it lead you?

Human reaction is to make assumptions when we don’t fully grasp a situation. We fill out mad libs in our head to create a larger than life story; and here is where problems begin to arise. Our unwillingness to show weakness through possible misunderstanding, leads you to fill in those empty spaces with personal and often inaccurate interpretations of what a situation could be.

What we too easily confuse are psychological devices with realism, and the conclusions that are drawn out of this false reality. Just as Dr. Marcia Sirota states, we don’t recognize how much our ‘inner world is colouring the way we see and understand our outer world.’ Assumptions have become habitual and have led us to live in a distorted ulterior world, which we don’t seem to recognize.

Now, the ultimate question is – how do we know the answer? No, a God like super human is not going to drop the answer on your head, nor can we presume we know the answer when all you need to do is ask. Yes, asking questions is the overarching answer.

One of the main fundamentals you learned as child was ‘you will never know unless you ask’ and why has that been something we’ve lost through age. Asking questions or being in the unknown has become a cardinal sin and looked upon as weak. Now you tell me, if knowledge is power, and asking questions gives you that knowledge, how can you be weak and powerful at the same time?