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CVA Finance

A CVA can help save your business when faced with insolvency, but at the same time it can also affect your credibility with your customers and suppliers. This in itself can hinder you from winning business that you so sorely need in order to succeed.

Companies normally charge you high fees, sometimes hidden, for helping you to be approved for a CVA and they get paid before all your suppliers, no wonder they are eager to help. For us this seems insane, they want payment for helping a company that can not pay it’s creditors, that’s like taking money from the beggar.

We work differently. Most of the time we can get you out of your financial challenges, without doing a CVA and charging fees. This keeps your reputation with the customers and drastically helps you get through your difficult time. We provide unrivalled strategies and expertise and can provide you with solutions, so you can not only survive, but allow the company to thrive and achieve it’s potential without a CVA or CVA financing.

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