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Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy for your business – Get between 50% – 500% more for you company

You have worked hard on your business for a long period of time, sometimes many years or even a whole lifetime. You feel that it is time to sell up, do something else with your life and are looking for a good exit strategy that rewards you for all the blood, sweat and sometimes tears.

There is often a discrepancy between what the seller thinks the business is worth and what the buyer thinks it is worth. You feel that all your hard work should pay off, even if the business might not have the profits it needs to get the price you want for it. You normally do not get payed for “sweat equity”.

If you have ever watched shows like Dragons Den or Shark Tank you will find out that one of the thing that gets the “Dragons” mad is when you over value your company.

BID Group helps you increase the value of your business from 50%-500% and it does not cost you a penny. BID Group helps you get the valuation you desire for your business and hopefully more.

If you have a great company that you are looking to sell, but fed up with low valuations or little interest, call us and see how we can help you. Our exit strategy won’t cost you a penny and it may get you anywhere from 50%-500% more for your business.