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At BID Group International, we have an exciting opportunity for serious investors who want high returns on their investments and access to off-market opportunities, that have higher than normal returns.

Our seasoned investors, entrepreneurs and business owners, know what it takes to succeed in business and in our quest to help companies, we often come across businesses that have exciting potential and require financial investment to allow them to grow and reach their full potential.


We also come across companies with assets that we feel are under-utilised and where we see a potential for an investor to make a high return on investment.We generally target and source businesses off-market, so there is a greater room for negotiations and we find opportunities that are not found elsewhere.

Investors wanted to gain access to unique deals, unavailable elsewhere. We will work with you to maximise your returns and provide you with either short-term or long-term high yielding investments, mostly backed by stable assets, in order to protect you and your hard-earned cash.