Selling Your Business? Get the Value You Deserve

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Do you know your businesses value? Are you desperate to get out? The biggest factor when it comes to selling your company is…YOU. It’s your decision on who you decide to sell to and how the deal is ultimately done. In 2018, a mild 10 years after the recession, it’s still not an easy place… continue reading »

Assumptions: The Mother of All Failures

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Jumping the gun? Yes, we all do it. To make you feel better, everyone in the world does it, but where does it lead you? Human reaction is to make assumptions when we don’t fully grasp a situation. We fill out mad libs in our head to create a larger than life story; and here… continue reading »

Boardroom angels and demons

Mats Lundkvist business transformation

Complacency is the vulture that sits menacingly on the business leader’s shoulder. History is littered with the stories of those that failed to heed its portents – think Blackberry and Kodak to name but two. Complacency, bred from success, kills innovation and sows fertile ground with the seeds of failure. Inspired business leadership requires a… continue reading »