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Turnaround Investment

We provide turnaround investment, when others say no and it will not cost you a penny

In business, sometimes things do not turn out the way you would like, or you expect. You might get into financial difficulty for a number of different reasons, or you may just be breaking even, or even just making a very small profit.

People have different motivations for getting into business, but for a business to be healthy and to be able to fulfil its purpose, it needs to make money.

Often you end up stuck in, what is sometimes called catch 22. You would like to grow, or get out of the challenge you are in, but you need money. So, you need money to make money, but to get an investment or a loan from traditional financial institutions, you typically need to:

a) illustrate that you do not need the money (which doesn’t make sense)
b) you have to risk your house to get any finance

At BID Group we work differently. We have created a no-brainer solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need turnaround investment, money, or just want to make their company more profitable, more valuable and ready for a future sale at higher multiples.

Benefits for Businesses
– It will not cost your business anything
– We give investment when others say no
– Unlike other investment opportunities, we also make the company more profitable

Get in contact with us, if you would like to get ahead and make your business profitable.

    Alternative to CVA

CVA stands for Creditors Voluntary Arrangement and allows a business to negotiate with it’s creditor when insolvency threatens and there is insufficient cash flow to meet payments.

Many consultants and turnaround professionals will offer your company a CVA, in exchange for a fee that can vary from several thousand pounds, upwards of tens of thousands of pounds, something which makes no sense to us.

At BID Group, our experts will offer you solutions that won’t cost you a penny and will save your business in the most efficient manner and also in the best interests of the business, something very unique in the marketplace.

Contact us now and find out how we can, not only save your business, but also make it more profitable, more valuable and more importantly partner with you, to fulfil the plans and future of the business.

BID Group have a proven track record in providing turnaround investment in businesses, which has then lead to lucrative exit options for the businesses.