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What we do

When we work with companies, we believe in doing transformational change. For us that means radical improvement of business processes, structures, marketing and ways of thinking in order to improve both market position and financial results.

When we talk about transformational change, we are talking about big change. We are not interested in a few percentages improvement in one area or in sales. We are concerned with radical, creative, transformational changes.

We typically work with SMEs having a turnover of GBP 500,000 to GBP10,000,000. We strongly believe that no two investment decisions are same. Therefore for each of the deals we work on, each client we speak to, we identify tailor made solutions for them. Our approach to every investment decision is to judge the second bounce, using the current available information and help clients achieve their goals. To achieve this we invest in our people and culture.

Our core expertise can be broken down into five categories

Agglomeration IPO

Agglomeration is ‘to form a cluster’. It is a methodology or model created to solve a number of problems entrepreneurs face in growing their business and adding value.

An Agglomeration is not a roll up, and it is not a traditional IPO. If you are doing more than £800k in revenue, you are profitable, debt free (BID Group can help you become more profitable and debt-free, so you can qualify) and you operate in an industry where you feel there are lots of similar or synergistic businesses that could benefit from collaboratively coming together to create a major player, then this could be the exit you have always dreamt about!

Contacts us now and discuss the options available to you.

Financial Engineering

Restructuring can often reveal big profit areas that were previously cash flow nightmares. We user proven financial engineering strategies to help businesses achieve larger profits, without the need for cut-backs, or an increase in sales revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We invest in, buy or merge with companies in a variety of sectors. We do this in order to help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector, location of origin, or a new field or new location. Our main focus is on small to mid sized businesses with revenues between £5m and £10m.

Business Turnaround

Businesses that once were profitable and somehow have lost the way. We come in, assess your business, bring inter-disciplinary planning skills and extra hands to implement the change and funding needs. We believe early intervention increases the probability of success. Our methodology is value-based analysis of an organisation and find areas where we believe value lies and enhance the performance of those areas and trimming down loss-making divisions.

CVA Finance

A CVA can help save your business when faced with insolvency, but at the same time it can also lose you credibility with your customers and suppliers. Our experts can help you, without charging fees like other turnaround specialists will. We provide unrivalled strategies and expertise and can provide you with CVA finance, so you can not only survive, but allow the company to thrive and achieve it’s potential.

We are active investors making sure all resources are fully utilised.